Episode 10 - Ian White (Safehouse Tattoo)

Number 10! My guest this week is tattoo artist and Safehouse Tattoo owner, Ian White. Ian has a great story about coming up in the tattoo world, in Ohio, to ending up a shop owner in Nashville. Ian is a very gifted artist in tattooing as well as painting. I hope you enjoy the episode and go get a tattoo! 

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Episode 9 - Patrick Copeland (Everett/Southern)

My guest this week is instrumental artist and piano player, Patrick Copeland. Patrick is an independent artist who you may haven't heard of. That's the point of this podcast! To introduce you to new music and artists of all kind. Patrick and I sat down to discuss his beginnings in music, scoring a graphic novel, instrumental music and even got some Breaking Bad in there. Enjoy!

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Episode 8 - The Dead Deads (Billy & Daisy)

This week, I sit down with Billy Dead & Daisy Dead of The Dead Deads! I went to their rehearsal space in Nashville to chat about their new record, getting your own dead name, old school fliers, touring with bush and much more. The Dead Deads are a great all female band from Nashville. They're a special gem in a city filled with so much country garbage. Thanks again to Billy & Daisy for talking with me and being so incredibly nice! Go pick up their new album, 'For Your Obliteration' now!

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Episode 7 - Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire)

Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) and I relax in his new chairs (dubbed "The Monroe") to discuss his history with the band, how he auditioned, his solo work, faith, his pomade company and so much more. Memphis May Fire's new album, 'The Light I Hold,' comes out October 28th and it's so great! I have not known Matty long, but it truly feels like we've been friends for so many years. I can't thank him enough for his friendship and taking the time to chat with me for this episode.

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Episode 6 - John Davis (The Lees Of Memory/Superdrag)

John Davis (The Lees Of Memory/Superdrag) and I sit down in his reverb filled dining room to chat about an array of topics. The recording and writing process for 'Head Trip In Every Key,' the power of a 20 year old Yamaha cassette 4-track, independently releasing music, the success of Nick Raskulinecz and so much more. John and I have been friends for a long time now. I've played in his solo band and with The Lees Of Memory (His newest project). We could've talked for hours and hours, so I think it's in order to bring him back for a pt. 2 at some point.

Episode 5 - Amanda Valentine (Designer/Project Runway)

My guest this week is Amanda Valentine (Designer/Project Runway). We sit down in her Nashville studio to discuss the fashion world, behind the scenes of project runway, growing up in a mormon family, Tim Gunn's favorite wine and why she needs to take up the bass again. There's plenty more we talked about and I had such a blast making this episode. Amanda is a true artist with great talent. She does things her way and that is a great quality in any form of art.

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Episode 4 - Tim Skipper (House Of Heroes/Copperlily)

I traveled a whole 12 minuets to chat with my good friend, Tim Skipper (House Of Heroes). We sat down and I got a good bit of info on his musical background, early bands names, growing up in Columbus, opening for Avenged Sevenfold and so much more. Check out the new House Of Heroes album, 'Colors', as soon as possible. I cannot back it enough and I'm not saying that because we're friends. It's a truly great album.

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Episode 3 - Shane Tutmarc (Solo Artist/Solar Twin)

Shane Tutmarc and I sit down (in my garage) to discuss a buffet of topics including...Growing up in Seattle, Nirvana, Cobain conspiracies, his great grandfather and how he deserves all the credit for inventing the pickup and so much more! Shane has made his mark here in Nashville and is even beginning to experiment with electronic music. Yes, it's true. It's very different for him, but I think it will be nothing short of great. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

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Episode 2 - Jack O'Shea (Bayside)

Oh, Man. What an episode this is. This will probably end up as my longest episode. Once Jack and I get going, it really doesn't stop. We cover a wide variety of topics from classic comedies, trump, tv guitars, fatherhood and eventually, the new Bayside record. It's coming out August 19th, by the way! Make sure and catch Bayside on their upcoming tour, supporting the new record, 'Vacancy.'

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Episode 1 - Matthew Mayfield

Here we are! Episode 1! I have been wanting to get this off the ground for some time now and it's finally happening. My first guest is my friend and singer/songwriter, Matthew Mayfield. I traveled down to Birmingham, AL and spent a ton of time with Matthew. We ate, drank and sat down to chat about everything from Guns 'N Roses to his unique approach at recording vocals for a song off his upcoming record, 'Recoil.' Make sure to keep up with Matthew via social media (Instagram & Twitter - matthewmayfield). also, check out matthewmayfield.com to see when he's coming to your city. You do not want to miss a live perfomance by him, trust me.