Episode 31 - Sean Mcconnell

Sean is a fantastic singer/songwriter, based in Nashville, TN. Sean and I got to tour together this last Spring and quickly hit it off. We sat down at the end of the tour to chat about music, life and...Dave Matthew's Band. Be sure and check out his new record, 'Secondhand Smoke' right away!


Episode 30 - New Album Preview/Kickstarter

This is a short but oh so sweet episode. For episode 30, I wanted to give folks a preview of what my new record is going to sound like and also tell you more about the Kickstarter campaign I have going, which ends in just a few days! Since we've hit the goal, I start recording my new album on May 29th, with one of my best friends, Paul Moak. I can't wait to get this records into your hands and ears!


Episode 29 - Armageddon Massive Turns 20 (Part 4 w/ Bean)

Well, this is it. This is the last part of this short podcast series I wanted to do on 'Armageddon Massive' turning 20. I can't thank all the dudes enough for being willing to take a trip back and talk about something we did 20 years ago. Hopefully we'll all make music together again soon! For this last part, I got Matt Hernandez (AKA: Bean) on the phone to discuss his thoughts on the record. He's living the good life in Maui and I'm thankful we got to reconnect for this episode. If you've followed The Dingees ever, thank you. I know we're all so proud of this record and make sure you go to The Dingees YouTube page to check out some old demos and footage from 20 years ago. Peace.

Episode 28 - Armageddon Massive Turns 20 (Part 3 w/ Steve Kravac)

Steve Kravac is the reason 'Armageddon Massive' sounds the way it does. Not only was he the Producer, but he was also the Engineer and the Mixer. Sure...we came in with the songs, but Steve saw our vision, had his own vision and took it to a place we could have never imagined. He pushed all of us to be better players. He gave us a challenging experience in the studio and we were better because of it when we left the studio in the fall 1997. I hope you enjoy the chat Steve and I had, reflecting on this record and discussing his methods he used to get us to the place we needed to be.

Episode 27 - Armageddon Massive Turns 20 (Part 2 w/ Pegleg)

Part 2! On this episode, Pegleg and I get on the phone to discuss different parts of The Dingees' 'Armageddon Massive.' Pegleg was the mastermind behind The Dingees, singer, primary songwriter and sax player. It was good to catch up with an old friend and bandmate to reflect on an album that means to much to us. Enjoy!

Episode 26 - Armageddon Massive Turns 20 (Part 1 w/ Jeff Holmes)

If you've followed me and my musical past, you know that my first touring band was called The Dingees. As of today (3/24/18), our first album turns 20! The album was called 'Armageddon Massive' and we recorded it over the course of a month in fall of 1997. This record is very important to me. It was the first "big studio" experience I had, the first label I was on and the first time a producer kicked my ass! I'm forever thankful for it and what I learned while recording this, I have taken with me through every other record I have played on.

For this podcast, I gathered the other three dudes and also our producer, Steve Kravac, to take a look back and chat about our experiences in making this record. For the next few days, I'll be releasing an episode with each member of The Dingees and Steve Kravac. I hope you enjoy us taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on a record so important to us. Enjoy!


Episode 25 - Chad Gilbert

Chad and I have been friends for a long time now. We've toured together, made music together and I've even helped him out with his Movie Gang nights he started in Franklin, TN. Chad and I had a great conversation about his organs in music, inspiration, touring, Green Day and so much more. There might even be an appearance by his dog, Alf.

Episode 24 - Vinyl Variety Hour #1

This is the first of many new episodes I'm calling, "Vinyl Variety Hour." I'm going to be highlighting music that I love, influenced me or that you need to know about...all from my vinyl collection! I hope you enjoy it and learn about new artists. I will still be having guests in the near future, so look forward to that.

Artists featured on this episode are The Living End, The Night Marchers, Solar Twin, Jonathan Richman, Mike Ness, Nathaniel Ratliff & The Night Sweats, Cold War Kids, Otis Redding, The Lees Of Memory and The Clash.

Episode 23 - Top 10 Records Of 2017

It's that time of year! In this episode, I give you my top 10 albums of 2017. Some may surprise you, some may not. What is your top 10? Let me know by emailing me at piratesatellitepodcast@gmail.com.

Episode 22 - Colin Rigsby (Vesperteen)

If you haven't heard of Colin Rigsby, you will soon. I have no doubt that the new music he's working on will reach far and wide. His newest project is called Vesperteen and you also may know him from a great band called House Of Heroes. Colin and I sat down in my hotel room in Columbus recently, to discuss what he's up to with music, how he got started playing and writing music, what we can expect in the future from him and much more.

Episode 21 - Jaired Messing (Comic Artist/Writer)

Jared Messing is a name you should be hearing a lot about, very soon. He just released his very first graphic novel at the Wizard World con in Nashville, Jaired has a passion for art, comics and storytelling. He's put 3 1/2 years into this new release and it's so worth your time. 'The Fate Of Terrene' is a great story and also has an accompanying soundtrack. Check out www.jaired.com to get your hard copy or check out the comic/soundtrack for free! 


Episode 20 - Nate Henry & Matt MacDonald

Nate Henry (Sherwood) and Matt MacDonald (The Classic Crime) have a podcast called Don't Feed The Trolls and we've done a collaborative episode! What started out as Nate coming onto my podcast, quickly turned into the three of us creating chaos in my studio. Matt joined us via phone call and we had such a good time catching up, telling stories and so much more. Be sure to check out the Don't Feed The Trolls podcast on iTunes and please give a listen to The Classic Crime & Sherwood!

Episode 19 - Jered Scott (Photographer)

I'm back with an all new episode! Jered Scott (Photographer) joins me to discuss his journey from musician, to college student, to photographer. Jered has made a name for himself in the photography world and then some, shooting such artists as MXPX, Blink 182, Josh Freese, No Doubt, Green Day, New Found Glory and so many others. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Not only did Jered shoot photos for my old band, he became a life long friend and I'm forever grateful. I hope you enjoy our discussion, digging into Jered's past. Check out his work at www.jeredscottphoto.com

Episode 18 - AJ Babcock (Secret Club/House Of Heroes)

AJ Babcock is probably one of the most talented songwriters I know. He was the bassist/lyricist for House Of Heroes, writes country songs in Nashville and has a new band called Secret Club. AJ came to my house recently and we just started talking...and talking. We discuss his beginnings in music with the upright bass, country songwriting, awkward christian t-shirts and what he's up to now with his band, Secret Club.

Episode 17 - Bones Owens (Singer/Songwriter)

...and we're back! My guest this week is Bones Owens. He's a talented singer/songwriter, living in White's Creek, TN. He's done a lot of cool musical projects including The Becoming, Yelawolf and his own solo music. Bones has a new record out called 'Make Me No King' and you can get it on iTunes right now. We had a great time catching up at his house in White's Creek. We talk music, homeownership, guitars, band shirts and much more.

Episode 16 - Paul Moak (Producer/Songwriter)

My guest this week is Paul Moak. He's a producer, songwriter, motorcycle enthusiast, great family man and owner of Smoakstack studios in Nashville, TN. Paul and I sat down to discuss Nirvana, learning guitar while eating Krystal, old school MTV, building a studio...just to name a few things. I've had the pleasure of working with Paul in the studio and calling him a friend for a while now. He's the kind of person you get inspired by every time you're around him. I'm honored to have him as my guest for episode 16! Disclaimer: In the episode, I tell Paul that his episode is the longest. I should've done my homework. Episode 2 with Jack O'Shea still barely beats him out. Sorry, Paul!

Paul Moak on Twitter/Instagram

Paul Moak's Website

Episode 15 - Mindy White (States/Lydia)

Mindy White (States/Lydia) and I sit down in her Nashville apartment and discuss everything from collecting and naming plants, her love of ICP, growing up and hiding her singing voice from her Y2K prepping dad to her current status as a singer. Mindy is a long time friend of my Wife and I's and I was so happy to have her on the podcast. Make sure to look up her music with States and look forward to her future musical projects. I know I can't wait to hear her beautiful voice on something soon!

Mindy White on Twitter/Instagram

States on iTunes

Episode 14 - Trevor Sarver (The Wedding/Tramps)

Trevor and I have been friends for quite a while now. We met a long time ago when his old band (The Wedding) was opening for my old band, The Supertones. Since the Wedding stopped touring, Trevor has since started 2 companies and a new musical project. Tramps is his new band where he's taken the reigns as lead singer. Their first EP comes out this friday (11/18). In this episode, we discuss vaping (yep!), LaCroix, bands printing on bad shirts, his new project and how tour pranks were put to an end by his old band.



Episode 13 - Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory)

Sorry for the 2 week delay! We're back with episode 13! My guest this week is Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory. Jordan has been in Nashville, recording his 9th record with New Found Glory and crashed at my house to talk about all sorts of stuff. Green Day tours, Mark Hoppus calling his band, popcorn, coffee, tattooing, how we met and all sorts of other topics. Jordan has to come back for a follow up because there is so much we didn't cover. Keep your eyes peeled for album number 9, by New Found Glory! Photos below by Jered Scott

Jordan on Instagram/Twitter

New Found Glory on Instagram/Twitter

Domestikated on Bandcamp

Episode 12 - Alex Garcia (Mayday Parade)

Alex Garcia (Mayday Parade) and I sit down to discuss aliens, the iPhone 7, flight attendants, guitar playing, lithium ion batteries, recording and a bunch of other stuff. We didn't even get into anything about his band! That's why I love the format I've chosen. You often get a good glimpse into the life of someone, outside of what they do for a living. I've known Alex for a few years now and he's quickly become a good friend to my Wife and I. For such a mellow guy, he can really open up once you start recording. I will definitely be having Alex back for a pt. 2!

Alex Garcia on Instagram & Twitter

Mayday Parade on iTunes