Are you interested in hosting me for a solo show? This will be more that just a performance. This will be an acoustic/stripped down show, hangout before and after the show, time for storytelling and all around good time! I want to make this a fun and easy experience for you and all who attend. All I require is a space to perform and a space to set up a small merchandise table.

Fill out the form below and make sure to give a detailed description about your space. The space could be a house, backyard, basement, bar, art gallery, coffee shop…etc. Keep in mind that hosting a show costs you NOTHING, unless you want to rent a space, provide food, drinks, PA…etc. I will handle all ticket sales through my website.

*Your information will only be used to contact you in the future about booking a date.

*By submitting your information, you are neither obligated to host nor am I obligated to perform.

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Do you have a unique space? Let's hear about it! I'm open to houses, basements, backyards, bars, coffee name it!