The Dingees Armageddon Massive Turns 20!

If you've followed me and my musical past, you know that my first touring band was called The Dingees. As of today (3/24/18), our first album turns 20! The album was called 'Armageddon Massive' and we recorded it over the course of a month in fall of 1997. This record is very important to me. It was the first "big studio" experience I had, the first label I was on and the first time a producer kicked my ass! I'm forever thankful for it and what I learned while recording this, I have taken with me through every other record I have played on.

For this podcast, I gathered the other three dudes and also our producer, Steve Kravac, to take a look back and chat about our experiences in making this record. For the next few days, I'll be releasing an episode with each member of The Dingees and Steve Kravac. I hope you enjoy us taking a trip down memory lane to reflect on a record so important to us. Enjoy!

Check back here for the next few days to hear the next few episodes with Pegleg, Bean & our producer, Steve Kravac!