Episode 17 Is Up!

...and we're back! My guest this week, is Bones Owens. He's a talented singer/songwriter, living in White's Creek, TN. He's done a lot of cool musical projects including The Becoming, Yelawolf and his own solo music. Bones has a new record out called 'Make Me No King' and you can get it on iTunes right now. We had a great time catching up at his house in White's Creek. We talk music, homeownership, guitars, band shirts and much more. Listen on iTunes or Here.

The Pirate Satellite Is Back!

This Friday, The Pirate Satellite returns with an all new episode featuring Bones Owens! He's got a new record out call 'Make Me No King' and it's fantastic! Go pick it up on iTunes now. 


New Podcast!

I know I've taken two weeks off from the podcast, but there is good reason for it! First, I have been traveling quite a bit for my job and was going to record an episode in Washington DC. Due to a family emergency, my friend couldn't appear as a guest that week. Second, my friend Clint Wells and I have been developing a new podcast and it's much more specific than The Pirate Satellite. If you're a metal fan, you might want to check it out. The new podcast is called 'Metal Up Your Podcast' and it's all about Metallica. Clint and I are long time fans, talk about them often and decided that we should be recording these conversations, so we did! We are launching on Jan. 1st 2017. Upon launch, you will be able to listen to episodes 1, 2 and 3! From there, we will do our best to get a new episode out every week. We are going to cover the whole Metallica map. Albums, members, past members, tours, gear, "that" snare sound, videos, docs...you name it, we'll cover it.

I will pick back up soon with The Pirate Satellite. I have some good guests planned, so look forward to that. If you want to follow Metal Up your Podcast on social media or subscribe, you can do so below...

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