Chattanooga, TN

Jack O’Shea and I have kicked off our week long run of shows! Thank you to everyone who came out in Chattanooga last night! We had a blast. A huge thanks to Dynamo Studios and Jered Scott for helping put the show together. On to Lexington, KY tomorrow!

Photos by Jered Scott


Episode 25!

This week, I sit down with my good friend Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory. We discuss his orgins in music, touring, writing, Green Day and so much more. Listen HERE or on iTunes.



Jack O'Shea (Bayside) and I are headed out for a week of shows next month. Head over to the tour dates to see the details. Announcing one more shows soon for 3/7!

3/4 - Chattanooga, TN

3/6 - Lexington, KY

3/8 - Chicago, IL

3/9 - Champaign, IL

3/10 - Cincinnati, OH



Hey friends! Jack O’Shea (Bayside) and I are dong a small run of shows next month! We need your help though. We’re looking for people to book or host us. No venue is off limits. Bars, clubs, coffee shops, house shows…etc. We are also going to have a tour podcast where we release episodes for each city we play, talking about the previous show, what we're listening to in the car, what gear we're using and whatever else we get into on the road.

If you’re interested in booking or hosting us in any of the cities listed, shoot us an email for more info!


Happy New Year!

As I sit here and type this post out, I'm enjoying the most time I've had off all year. It's been a busy one, to say the least. I toured all over the world, multiple times, as a tech for Kings Of Leon. Now that that's all over, I really hope to be back on the road in 2018 as a musician. It's been a few years since I was in that position and I miss it greatly. I can't say much now, but it's looking good that I'll be on my main instrument of guitar this Spring.

Here's a couple updates for ya...

1. THE PODCAST: If you haven't listened to the last few episodes, go to wherever you listen to podcasts or right here. Check out my "Top 10 Albums Of 2017" episode and also my episode with Colin Rigsby of Vesperteen! I am also introducing a new episode format for 2018. It's called "The Vinyl Variety Hour" and it's a way for me to get more episodes out, without having a guest all the time. Each episode, I'll be pulling 10 records from my vinyl collection and playing and talking about them on the show. It might be stuff that influenced me, stuff I played on, bands I want you to know about...etc. I also still co-host an all Metallica podcast called Metal Up Your Podcast, if you haven't heard it yet.

2. MUSIC: As most of you know, I have released several solo recordings over the last few years. Over the last year of touring, I have been slowly writing what will become my next album. I'm going back to my early roots in music and making a Reggae/Ska record. I'm hoping to be in the studio in the next couple months to knock it out and get it in your hands! I have also been spending my time off working with another artist, Jemere Morgan. I met him through his father and his band, Morgan Heritage. I played on both of their albums. Morgan Heritage's album actually is up for a Grammy this year! Pretty cool! Jemere and I have been collaborating together on n songs for his next album. I might be jobless right now, but I'm sure having fun making good music with good people! I've got plans to play more live shows in 2018, as well!

3. RECORDING: Lastly, if you are a singer, songwriter, in a band, etc...I am offering online session work! I am available to record guitar, bass, drums, lap steel and a few other instruments for your recording. Head to my "Online Studio" page and lets work together!

Thanks to all of you who support and keep up with me. I wish you happiness and peace in 2018!