Episode 9!

Episode 9 is now up! Patrick Copeland (Southern/Everett) and I sit down and discuss his journey to instrumental music and currently scoring a graphic novel. Enjoy!

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We're Back!

This Tuesday (9/20), we'll be back with Episode 9! My guest this week is one of my best friends, Patrick Copeland. Patrick is a talented instrumental artist and piano player. We get into all sorts of things from his beginnings in music, all the way to scoring a graphic novel.  


Skipping A Week

Hey friends! If you've been listening to my podcast for the last 8 episodes, thank you! It really means a lot to me that people wanna listen to me chat with my friends. I'm grateful. This week, I am taking a break. I would like to have recorded an episode, but I've been on the road and didn't really get enough time to do one. I'll be back with Episode 9 on Sept. 20th! Thanks for your patience. 

In the meantime, please check out episodes 1-8, if you haven't already. 


The Dead Deads!

Episode 8 is up now, with Billy Dead & Daisy Dead (The Dead Deads). Listen in as I crack a few beers with 2/5 of one of Nashville's coolest bands! They have a new record out now and you should give it a listen asap.

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