Episode 21 is up!

My guest this week, is Jaired Messing. He's a comic writer, artist and just released his first graphic novel, 'The Fate Of Terrene.' He's at Wizard World all weekend, in Nashville. Check out jaired.com for more info on how to get your hard copy or read the comic for free, with an accompanying soundtrack!

Listen HERE or on iTunes.


Episode 20!

This week, my guests are Nate Henry and Matt MacDonald from the podcast, Don't Feed The Trolls. Nate is my neighbor and the plan was to just have him on. We decided to get Matt on the phone as well and see what would happen. Head here to listen or on iTunes.

Episode 19 - Jered Scott

After a long break (due to my touring schedule) I'm back with an all new episode! My good friend and extremely talented photographer, Jered Scott, joins me for a discussion on his beginnings in photography to current life in Tennessee. Be sure to check out Jered's work and give him a follow on Instagram.

Jered's Website


Episode 17 Is Up!

...and we're back! My guest this week, is Bones Owens. He's a talented singer/songwriter, living in White's Creek, TN. He's done a lot of cool musical projects including The Becoming, Yelawolf and his own solo music. Bones has a new record out called 'Make Me No King' and you can get it on iTunes right now. We had a great time catching up at his house in White's Creek. We talk music, homeownership, guitars, band shirts and much more. Listen on iTunes or Here.